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Master Keys Week 5- Moment of Weakness!

Well not my greatest moment. Having an off week. Just in a plain bad way. I stop and think, what if I just stop the MKMMA work. My life would be so much easier. No weekly lessons, no readings, no homework, no blogs, no DMP. Just quit! Who needs this anyways, I think I get what is happening and I can continue to do the work. Then Subby reaches out to me…What Quit! Is that what you are going to keep doing in life, quit when it gets tough?

What about my Dharma? How will I manifest this? I have yet a lot of tools needed and MKMMA has been there to help me! What about my PPN’s “Legacy and Autonomy”, that is ironic, what legacy would I leave. Suddenly all I have learned came to me. The Blue Print Builder, key words-I demand of myself, definite Chief Aim in life, self confidence and first and foremost: I know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my Definite Purpose! What about the scrolls I have been reading for  30 days, they speak to me: Good habits are the key to all success, bad habits are the unlocked door to failure. I must remember one of my favorite lines in the scrolls, I even underlined it: Failure, like pain is alien to my life!

And there it was, my moment of weakness gone! I was back on track. We are human and have our moments. In truth this training has made me a better person. I am learning so much about the world within, my subby. In just 5 short weeks, I have put into play everything I have learned I apply it to everything I do and say. Lucky are those who get to be a part of this MKMMA training!

So lesson is , keep pushing and keep positive! Here is a great line which I find appropriate to share from this weeks lessons-  Deal with it, mind is cause, effects are results of mind! Give more-Get more! The more we give, the more we get!

Have a great week everyone, Keep Masterminding… Sending love and peace..Angela ❤

Master Key Week 4- Progress

Getting into the groove. Feeling pretty good about the changes occurring. Into week 4 and settling into a routine. Get up do my first reading, then hit the coffee! This is a big change for me, use to be get up and sleep walk to the coffee pot! I’m excited to start my day! My life is so full right now. Between my jobs, readings, blogging, updating DMP, focusing on my PPN’s and weekly service cards, pretty busy girl! I love it! The biggest thing is I’m finally getting organized. I have to be, this is a long list of requirements and a commitment I made with MKMMA.

We had to select 2 PPN’s, for which mine are Legacy and Autonomy. My needs/wants. Legacy because when I’m no longer living, I would like my family and family to come to remember me as a good caring soul. Autonomy because I crave independence or freedom. I know it’s complicated, it should come together in my DMP. Changing your blue print requires work!

So many great quotes this week. Let me just share a few that stood out. “Give Love-Get Love”, “To be is to do- To do is to be” and my favorite one this week,”Thoughts that fire together wire together”.

On a personal level, as if this whole blog is not…I am feeling good about myself, self-confidence has improved tremendously! I am taking on challenges right and left. Doing things I never thought I would.(hence the blogging). Personal development is taking over my life and I love it! Becoming the person I’ve always been, feeling comfortable in my own skin. I am loving me! It feels good to say it.

So one last thing, to all my family and friends who are feeling a little neglected. Trust me it’s nothing personal , I am busy working on me. I want to be the best me possible, for both myself and you! Much love everyone… Angela ❤

Master Key Week 3- Mind over Matter

A very full week. Full of lots of exciting things! Working on perfecting my Dharma. Starting to envision what I would like my life to look like. It’s like placing a kid in a candy store and asking him, which one do you want. Pick the ones you love. It seems easy enough, but in reality, it’s questioning yourself. What do I really want, I mean REALLY want! The world is yours for the taking, now go get it! Making me sit back and look at my life. All of it, where I have been and where I want to be. Now I’m on my 3rd revision of my Dharma. I have restrictions on how this is to be done. One being keep it under 400 words, twice I submitted it and twice I was over the 400. The goal is to really zone in and by the time all is said and done, it should fit on the back on an index card. Well it appears I have work to do, good thing I have excellent people behind me, guiding me and giving me suggestions on how to do this. Big shout out to Dan & Jeanna Swiatkowski, my Master Certified Guides through MKMMA.  As an added bonus we took a 3 day personal improvement class, known as PSI the Basic. It was the hardest 3 days of my life, at least it appeared that way. I learned more about myself that I ever imaged. There was lots of angry moments, crying, nervous, happy, you get the picture. Total game changer! I’m so glad I had already started my MKMMA courses, this really helped get me through the rough times. I am a different person because of that course, I’m so proud of myself and the person I’m becoming, I don’t think I ever said that to myself before…It feels good!

What I’m discovering is whatever you program your mind to do, get’s done! So if I could give any of you advice. Use your powerful mind within to help you. Positive thoughts, create positive outcomes. I really am getting this and I believe it! My life is improving, because I tell it to and I believe it! Create that Win-Win, a little lesson from PSI basic.

Until next week, thanks for taking the time!  Angela ❤

Master Key Week 2- Learning what World within means…

Here we are again with this task that I do not find easy! Talking about real life, real changes occurring right before my eyes. First week felt like I just was going through the motions, so much to take in. Never-mind the fact that I am a private person and share with all you my deepest thoughts. Some how when I start to type the words just come to me, all these things I have inside of me. So bare with me if your reading or following along if I’m all over the place. I will settle into this, or at least try to make sense of my thoughts!

Loving the scrolls, after reading them for a week, now starting on my 2nd week, they are starting to stick. I can relate to some of them and they are a great blessing. My emotions are still a little shaky. I’m not really sure what I’m reading sometimes, I read and re-read hoping to get the message. Some I do and I have to say some I’m still trying to soak in. Many lessons and people helping us along the way. MKMMA classes have opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at the world!

As far as working on myself, I think it’s coming along. I catch myself patting my own back, a sense of pride for going over a certain hurdle or for finishing all my readings. It really is amazing what 2 weeks of all these tools and allowing myself to feel from within is doing for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have a long way to go! Something comes to mind as I say that, let me share a line from the Scroll I’m reading: ‘Today I shed my old skin which hath, too long, suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity.”

I think it will be a couple of weeks before I get my feet under me. So much to take in. Both Jeff and I are taking this at the same time, so needless to say, we both have that blank look on our face at the end of the night. The kids think we have lost our minds, all they hear is us talking and reading aloud, wondering what is going on. Here we are hoping they learn and get some of the readings they are over-hearing…wink-wink! Everyone should take this journey! Until next time. Wish me luck as I continue to learn and grow.