Master Key Week 3- Mind over Matter

A very full week. Full of lots of exciting things! Working on perfecting my Dharma. Starting to envision what I would like my life to look like. It’s like placing a kid in a candy store and asking him, which one do you want. Pick the ones you love. It seems easy enough, but in reality, it’s questioning yourself. What do I really want, I mean REALLY want! The world is yours for the taking, now go get it! Making me sit back and look at my life. All of it, where I have been and where I want to be. Now I’m on my 3rd revision of my Dharma. I have restrictions on how this is to be done. One being keep it under 400 words, twice I submitted it and twice I was over the 400. The goal is to really zone in and by the time all is said and done, it should fit on the back on an index card. Well it appears I have work to do, good thing I have excellent people behind me, guiding me and giving me suggestions on how to do this. Big shout out to Dan & Jeanna Swiatkowski, my Master Certified Guides through MKMMA.  As an added bonus we took a 3 day personal improvement class, known as PSI the Basic. It was the hardest 3 days of my life, at least it appeared that way. I learned more about myself that I ever imaged. There was lots of angry moments, crying, nervous, happy, you get the picture. Total game changer! I’m so glad I had already started my MKMMA courses, this really helped get me through the rough times. I am a different person because of that course, I’m so proud of myself and the person I’m becoming, I don’t think I ever said that to myself before…It feels good!

What I’m discovering is whatever you program your mind to do, get’s done! So if I could give any of you advice. Use your powerful mind within to help you. Positive thoughts, create positive outcomes. I really am getting this and I believe it! My life is improving, because I tell it to and I believe it! Create that Win-Win, a little lesson from PSI basic.

Until next week, thanks for taking the time!  Angela ❤

1 thought on “Master Key Week 3- Mind over Matter

  1. teamski777masterkey

    Aloha Angela! Great blog post. Jeanna and I are honored to be your Master Certified Guides through your journey. We look forward to reading your future blog posts and seeing you manifest your DMP. We are very proud of your accomplishments. You are doing the work! Keep up with your readings and your 15 minute sit. You are on the right path. Mahalo for sharing. DTM



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