Master Key Week 4- Progress

Getting into the groove. Feeling pretty good about the changes occurring. Into week 4 and settling into a routine. Get up do my first reading, then hit the coffee! This is a big change for me, use to be get up and sleep walk to the coffee pot! I’m excited to start my day! My life is so full right now. Between my jobs, readings, blogging, updating DMP, focusing on my PPN’s and weekly service cards, pretty busy girl! I love it! The biggest thing is I’m finally getting organized. I have to be, this is a long list of requirements and a commitment I made with MKMMA.

We had to select 2 PPN’s, for which mine are Legacy and Autonomy. My needs/wants. Legacy because when I’m no longer living, I would like my family and family to come to remember me as a good caring soul. Autonomy because I crave independence or freedom. I know it’s complicated, it should come together in my DMP. Changing your blue print requires work!

So many great quotes this week. Let me just share a few that stood out. “Give Love-Get Love”, “To be is to do- To do is to be” and my favorite one this week,”Thoughts that fire together wire together”.

On a personal level, as if this whole blog is not…I am feeling good about myself, self-confidence has improved tremendously! I am taking on challenges right and left. Doing things I never thought I would.(hence the blogging). Personal development is taking over my life and I love it! Becoming the person I’ve always been, feeling comfortable in my own skin. I am loving me! It feels good to say it.

So one last thing, to all my family and friends who are feeling a little neglected. Trust me it’s nothing personal , I am busy working on me. I want to be the best me possible, for both myself and you! Much love everyone… Angela ❤

5 thoughts on “Master Key Week 4- Progress

  1. dbernstrom

    I can feel the energy! Thanks for “TGIF..readings-check! Workout-check! Boom that is how my day gets started!” I’m gonna re appropriate the get my workout in early instead of afternoon…… Might as well get the blood flowing to the brain early right! Thanks

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