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Master Keys Week 9-World Within Vs World Without

Not sure how it happened, but it did. My old blueprint creeped in! It feels like I’m back to day one. I just turned off everything. Figured this is so overwhelming, I just need a week off! This is too much for me and I’m feeling trapped. Maybe I don’t want to just be the observer, or do I not have the right to my opinion? My poor tongue is sore from biting it! I just want to say my peace!! I don’t want to read the scrolls about Love…Love, love, love! Blah! Looking at my poster board, shapes and all other things what for, do I really believe this is my Dharma, My Bliss? Can this be my life? What if i’m way off base of what I want my Dharma to be?  More questions than answers this week for sure.

2014-12-08 14.15.53There is a battle going on inside of me for sure! Feel like I’m swimming in the sea of uncertainty. Last week I was on top of the world, this week not feeling very good about myself. Guessing my thoughts are controlling me and leading me down this course of despair.  As I review the lesson, I see a sentence that grabs me…It say’s ” Ditch negative self-talk”. Hmm, maybe, just maybe this will work! I reviewed further and seen something I’m not doing regularly, Devoting 10 minutes daily to demanding of myself the development of SELF-CONFIDENCE. I’ve been doing pretty good so far, there has been one thing I just cannot do…It’s when I close my eyes and try to image things, my dharma, press release,the sitting down with someone, the ship, flower, ect… WHY?? Guess it drives me crazy and start to think I can’t and guess what…Then I can’t! I have been telling subby I can’t and that may be the issue! The power of thought!! Boy oh boy, strong words.

It’s quite obvious that I trust what is happening here! I’m doing it!! Writing my blog, reading the scripts, doing the exercises. and continue to perfect my Dharma ( no matter how many times I get it back or modify it), reading out loud, the whole thing. I see where my weakness is and what I can do to improve myself. This is a fight I have to do alone, I need to believe in myself, trust myself and put the time in for ME!  Need to give myself a break I guess, I am human and there is nothing wrong with me. So the best thing I can say is—” I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy” Take that Subby!!!

In closing, I am so grateful to have MKMMA in my life, you see it is making a difference. Before MKMMA I would of just sulked in this self pity and stayed there until who knows when. I have the tools, they work and I will continue to pick myself up each time. As the reading says, The way to fight darkness is with light!

2014-12-27 17.56.05

I always keep my promises..Peace & Love Angela ❤

Master Keys Week 8-Our Thoughts

What a powerful thing! This week the lesson pertains to our thoughts. What you think manifest. Who believes this? So then you start to think of certain things to test this theory on.  Living in Vegas is easy, go over to that slot machine and think I’m going to hit it big. Well then you’re disappointed when you just lost  20 bucks! Now did I really believe I was going to win,not really. Remember your thoughts are powerful and should be used for good, or the result will be unfavorable.

So many thoughts flowing through my brain this week. I’m just having a great time. I seem to be gleaming. You know I’m on to something here. I have been reading about love now for a couple of weeks, changing my habits, controlling my thoughts and just loving everyone.

I did notice something, I’m a different person. What happened to me? Where did I go? Can someone please tell me where Angela went! Ok maybe a little dramatic, but in all seriousness I have changed. My thoughts are changing. As we say in MKMMA, A new blueprint! I feel alive again. The person I have always been has come back. I love her!!!


My thoughts are whirling around, I’m happy to say, all good! I just have been thinking of ways to help and do good! I can’t stop!! My thoughts are running wild! I just want to hug everyone! Ok some people might think I’m weird, ok so maybe I am! I wake up each morning thinking who can I help today and how. Can you image if this was contagious what a beautiful world this would be. So in closing keep your thoughts positive and love one another.

I always keep my promises….Peace & Love Angela ❤

Master Keys Week 7- Nothing but love


Wow!! Something amazing, can’t seem to get love off my mind! All these readings and talk about loving everyone has created a stir within me. Love, Love, Love….well I’m doing everything I’m suppose to to shape my world within. A week or so ago, that was the word I avoided like the plague.  Now I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m in love with love! Now I understand, love comes in many ways. It doesn’t even matter how, if you can see the good in it and turn it into something positive, it’s amazing! Here listen to this line from the scrolls-“i will make love my greatest weapon and none on whom I call can defend against it’s force”. See, how can you not be in love! I have learned not to be stingy with my love, sharing it with everyone I meet in one way or another. I’m sure my family and friends at this point are asking, what is going on with her? I’m here to say, gotta love me!

Other exciting things happening. My DMP, aka Dharma is finally starting to make sense. It has been a challenge for me to see my future and how wonderful it is. I just couldn’t grasp the possibility of my future life. Thanks to my guides for continuing to push me to see it and believe it! I am an amazing human being and the whole world will see her, for she is unstoppable!

Life is still extremely busy. Working my jobs and loving it! Just wishing I had more hours in the day to dive deeper into all MKMMA is teaching us. I must say I am a better student now and have fell in nicely to a routine with my readings. I could not imagine not having them when I wake up and when I go to sleep. My house is covered with all the tools given to us. As Mark said, it looks like we have small children in our house again, lol. You see shapes, poster boards, index cards, poems, magnifying glasses and compasses everywhere you look! Of course my kids think I have lost my mind, reading aloud and to myself, speaking to them differently, offering them poems and readings, it’s an awesome thing!

” I will greet this day with love in my heart”

I always keep my promises….peace & love…Angela ❤

Master Keys Week 6-Gal in the Glass, who is she?

Another week gone by, they come and go so fast! This week we have new Scrolls! Something about greeting the day with love in my heart. Um ok, we will come back to that one later.

Let’s talk about the Gal in the Glass…Yup, you guessed it yours truly..Me! So this poem we are to read each night before bed and end it by saying you love yourself. Sounds easy right, well do we love ourselves everyday, enough to look into your own eyes when you say it? Basically if you don’t love yourself, the only person your hurting is you! Somedays, I’m not proud of the things I’ve done, the people I’ve hurt, things I said…longer list I’m sure…I guess what It’s telling me is LOVE YOU, only person who is your worst critic is you, do good for you, be able to look into your own eyes and be proud of the person you are!

Ok back to the scrolls…The LOVE thing. Wow that’s very complex for me,…Love, love,love..A word that get’s thrown among people. Is there a actual feeling behind it? Do people really love each other? More questions than answers for sure! Now we will be reading this scroll for 30 days, three x a day. The love is about loving everything! Love the rain, the sun, darkness, sadness and a long list of things. Point is everything serves a purpose. Here’s one of my favorite lines so far…”If I have no other qualities I can succeed with love alone”. Now I don’t like this line because I’m a loving person, but more because of the person I want to become.

This is a touchy-feeling kinda week 6. Am I embracing it? Probably not, Sometimes saying love so many times is confusing. It’s like that game we played growing up..Hot potato, let’s see who wants it! As with all my lessons, I am embracing it. I am starting to take note, that love comes in many forms. Example, it’s almost midnight and I feel compelled to write my blog now! That’s love baby!!

One for the road……LOVE you everyone! Angela ❤IMG_3109