Master Keys Week 6-Gal in the Glass, who is she?

Another week gone by, they come and go so fast! This week we have new Scrolls! Something about greeting the day with love in my heart. Um ok, we will come back to that one later.

Let’s talk about the Gal in the Glass…Yup, you guessed it yours truly..Me! So this poem we are to read each night before bed and end it by saying you love yourself. Sounds easy right, well do we love ourselves everyday, enough to look into your own eyes when you say it? Basically if you don’t love yourself, the only person your hurting is you! Somedays, I’m not proud of the things I’ve done, the people I’ve hurt, things I said…longer list I’m sure…I guess what It’s telling me is LOVE YOU, only person who is your worst critic is you, do good for you, be able to look into your own eyes and be proud of the person you are!

Ok back to the scrolls…The LOVE thing. Wow that’s very complex for me,…Love, love,love..A word that get’s thrown among people. Is there a actual feeling behind it? Do people really love each other? More questions than answers for sure! Now we will be reading this scroll for 30 days, three x a day. The love is about loving everything! Love the rain, the sun, darkness, sadness and a long list of things. Point is everything serves a purpose. Here’s one of my favorite lines so far…”If I have no other qualities I can succeed with love alone”. Now I don’t like this line because I’m a loving person, but more because of the person I want to become.

This is a touchy-feeling kinda week 6. Am I embracing it? Probably not, Sometimes saying love so many times is confusing. It’s like that game we played growing up..Hot potato, let’s see who wants it! As with all my lessons, I am embracing it. I am starting to take note, that love comes in many forms. Example, it’s almost midnight and I feel compelled to write my blog now! That’s love baby!!

One for the road……LOVE you everyone! Angela ❤IMG_3109

5 thoughts on “Master Keys Week 6-Gal in the Glass, who is she?

  1. jeffmasterming

    Good one baby. Love is a tough thing. But it feels good just letting it go out there, almost like a dam broke.. I have never had a hard time loving you, that love has always been easy. Love you Angela Marie..



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