Master Keys Week 8-Our Thoughts

What a powerful thing! This week the lesson pertains to our thoughts. What you think manifest. Who believes this? So then you start to think of certain things to test this theory on.  Living in Vegas is easy, go over to that slot machine and think I’m going to hit it big. Well then you’re disappointed when you just lost  20 bucks! Now did I really believe I was going to win,not really. Remember your thoughts are powerful and should be used for good, or the result will be unfavorable.

So many thoughts flowing through my brain this week. I’m just having a great time. I seem to be gleaming. You know I’m on to something here. I have been reading about love now for a couple of weeks, changing my habits, controlling my thoughts and just loving everyone.

I did notice something, I’m a different person. What happened to me? Where did I go? Can someone please tell me where Angela went! Ok maybe a little dramatic, but in all seriousness I have changed. My thoughts are changing. As we say in MKMMA, A new blueprint! I feel alive again. The person I have always been has come back. I love her!!!


My thoughts are whirling around, I’m happy to say, all good! I just have been thinking of ways to help and do good! I can’t stop!! My thoughts are running wild! I just want to hug everyone! Ok some people might think I’m weird, ok so maybe I am! I wake up each morning thinking who can I help today and how. Can you image if this was contagious what a beautiful world this would be. So in closing keep your thoughts positive and love one another.

I always keep my promises….Peace & Love Angela ❤

29 thoughts on “Master Keys Week 8-Our Thoughts

  1. masterkeyrea

    Angela, I’m with you step by step. Changing and growing at a lightening speed can be scary. You are incredible in that you can write clearly what’s going on and I struggle with hitting that nail on the head. I did enjoy reading you words and seeing the meaning in them. Your doing great.

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