Master Keys Week 9-World Within Vs World Without

Not sure how it happened, but it did. My old blueprint creeped in! It feels like I’m back to day one. I just turned off everything. Figured this is so overwhelming, I just need a week off! This is too much for me and I’m feeling trapped. Maybe I don’t want to just be the observer, or do I not have the right to my opinion? My poor tongue is sore from biting it! I just want to say my peace!! I don’t want to read the scrolls about Love…Love, love, love! Blah! Looking at my poster board, shapes and all other things what for, do I really believe this is my Dharma, My Bliss? Can this be my life? What if i’m way off base of what I want my Dharma to be?  More questions than answers this week for sure.

2014-12-08 14.15.53There is a battle going on inside of me for sure! Feel like I’m swimming in the sea of uncertainty. Last week I was on top of the world, this week not feeling very good about myself. Guessing my thoughts are controlling me and leading me down this course of despair.  As I review the lesson, I see a sentence that grabs me…It say’s ” Ditch negative self-talk”. Hmm, maybe, just maybe this will work! I reviewed further and seen something I’m not doing regularly, Devoting 10 minutes daily to demanding of myself the development of SELF-CONFIDENCE. I’ve been doing pretty good so far, there has been one thing I just cannot do…It’s when I close my eyes and try to image things, my dharma, press release,the sitting down with someone, the ship, flower, ect… WHY?? Guess it drives me crazy and start to think I can’t and guess what…Then I can’t! I have been telling subby I can’t and that may be the issue! The power of thought!! Boy oh boy, strong words.

It’s quite obvious that I trust what is happening here! I’m doing it!! Writing my blog, reading the scripts, doing the exercises. and continue to perfect my Dharma ( no matter how many times I get it back or modify it), reading out loud, the whole thing. I see where my weakness is and what I can do to improve myself. This is a fight I have to do alone, I need to believe in myself, trust myself and put the time in for ME!  Need to give myself a break I guess, I am human and there is nothing wrong with me. So the best thing I can say is—” I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy” Take that Subby!!!

In closing, I am so grateful to have MKMMA in my life, you see it is making a difference. Before MKMMA I would of just sulked in this self pity and stayed there until who knows when. I have the tools, they work and I will continue to pick myself up each time. As the reading says, The way to fight darkness is with light!

2014-12-27 17.56.05

I always keep my promises..Peace & Love Angela ❤

8 thoughts on “Master Keys Week 9-World Within Vs World Without

  1. teamski777masterkey

    This is WONDERFUL Angela…you see, that light is starting to shine through, brighter and brighter everyday. Funny thing is that as our light shines, those areas that we need to work on next become blinding due to the light we are giving off. You got this….and what a gift you continue to give yourself. You ARE whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!!


  2. Deanna

    Angela, I feel like I wrote this post! I’m having the exact same feelings about the whole thing. One day I’m up and the next day I’m thinking what’s the use? Like you, I must believe it’s gonna work on some level, because I’m still here. Stay strong!



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