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Master Keys Week 11-Keeping the pace

Feeling at ease this week, finally starting to feel like everything we are doing is just part of my life. Whew…Get up do the 1st reading, and away I go. Skipping through the week. I never thought I would say this, it feels so natural, like nothing extra. Does that make sense? For weeks and weeks it has seemed so hard, like so much extra to do! Now don’t get me wrong, I still struggle with some things, like for me, the long readings right before I retire are hard, well not hard, just tired at the end of the day. I enjoy the readings, my subby likes them!

I’m happy about my thoughts and the habits created. This is really cool! This class is changing my life, my thoughts, my habits and my future. Keeping the pace with everything going on and I feel like I’m actually caught up with everyone else, or at least at a week 11 stand point. I’m no longer feeling like the kid who sits in the back of the class, the one that hides or doesn’t want to be called to answer a question, you know the one. I guess you could say, I’ve stepped up!

2015-01-15 08.35.50

Thinking about my DMP and how to manifest my new reality. It doesn’t get better than that! Funny how when this class first started it was so stressful, now to relieve the stress I turn to the readings, scrolls and all other tools for focus. It has been an amazing transformation of my subby. Picked up some habits too….All good! It’s all how you look at things. So this week my friends, I’m just keeping the pace!

Peace & Love….Angela ❤

Master Keys Week 10-Tomorrow never comes

Well I had good intent, I will just say it’s amazing how quickly your old blueprint can take over. Times are busy for sure, working 2 jobs, getting holiday events organized, class, everyday assignments…you get it the list goes on and on! I started the week out with ok, I will get to my assignments tomorrow and apparently went with this the whole week.

Ask me how I felt when I read the Gal in the Glass? Let’s put it this way, but the end of the week, I couldn’t do it. I could not face myself and say I love you. Reading done, sometimes or only once, all week skipped and was all over the place. But I told myself, tomorrow I will do better…

2015-01-07 13.27.28

Then it hit me!!! I’m missing something very big in my DMP!! OMG moment! What I really want is to be focused and organized! Use my tools, stick to the plan…it works! I realized I always do this, PROCRASTINATE! How many times have I missed opportunities due to procrastination? What am I missing out on when I don’t take action? Good intent is not enough…DO IT NOW!!! We have to remember tomorrow is promised to no man, so we must DO IT NOW!! I love this, like Mark J say’s I need to read this with more Enthusiasm! I can be what I will to be!

I love what MKMMA is doing for me, I am determined to be the best me I can! Ready for week 11 and the rest of my life!

I always keep my promises….peace & love….Angela ❤