Press Release

12/31/2021 Ground Breaking Ceremony in Puerto Penasco, Senora Mexico

It’s a glorious sunny morning. The weather is perfect, shining brightly at 85 degrees. Both Jeff and I are dressed in cool bright colors, a sun dress for me and for Jeff nice shorts and a button up shirt. Nothing too fancy, as we want the local people to feel comfortable and accept us as part of their community. Both of us are in sandals, so our toes can still feel the warm sand underneath them. My hair is nicely curled with a fresh scented flower in it. I’m so excited my heart is bursting with joy and beating 100 miles per hour. I feel like a kid who was told go into the toy store and pick out whatever your heart desires. It’s like a fairytale come true type of moment. Before stepping out of our house right on the beach in Puerto Penasco, we take a moment to reflect all that we have achieved. Without words spoken between us, we stand in the doorway to our beautiful home and look around. Our house is full of joy and so many accomplishments from a business we grew together back on August of 2015. We smile at each other and hug tightly, I fight to hold back the tears of joy. We start down the walkway to where the grand ceremony will take place. I yell out loud in a happy voice…Today is the day I have been waiting my whole life for!! So excited! It’s ground breaking day to yet another milestone, our Orphanage.

Upon arriving to the area we are greeted by so many people. We have the town people, people from surrounding towns, local media, people from the Mexican Embassy, our children, family and friends. There are also several children present which really hits home, this is why we are doing this, for them. Lastly we are greeted by the Mayor, as he is conducting the interview. He has also brought along a translator for the people of the town.

Mayor: Hola, town people let me introduce you to Mr.& Mrs.Larson. They are the reason we are gathered here today. This marks the beginning of what will be a home for at least 100 children, an orphanage for them. So many children living in the streets, abandoned, gave up at birth or just without a family. As we all know they moved here in December of last year. Before that they visited frequently to help out the local town people in any way they could. We are so lucky to have them!

Us: Hola Amigos, We are so humbled by the warm reception we received, not only today, but since the first time we showed up here. This is a lifelong dream of mine. My whole life I have helped children and have always been drawn to them. Jeff and I have 4 children of our own, and understand that sometimes parents cannot take care of them, but still want the best and to make sure they are kept safe. Whatever the reason, the children are not the cause, nor should they suffer. This will be a loving home for these children, a place to call “Home” and not have to grow up in the streets or worse. These children are the future and it is all of our jobs to protect them and make sure they are given a fighting chance at life!

(Applause/ some whistling)

Mayor: And now I present you with the Key to the City as a token of our appreciation. Not only are you providing a home for so many children, but jobs. With the building of the orphanage , care of the children, cooks, maids, the list is endless. I must also throw in a perk our people get, is the english lesson you have been giving them. It is without further anticipation that I present you with a golden shovel for the groundbreaking!

(Loud Cheers from All)

3 shovels await us, one for Jeff, the Mayor and Me…I take Jeff by the hand and we grab our shovels, I cannot explain what I’m feeling as we walk towards the pile of dirt awaiting us. I stop and look around as people are looking at us with such gratitude, cheering, crying and clapping. It’s a moment I will never forget. My Legacy unfolding, the day is here and could not be more elated. People start cheering and asking for a speech.

Us: It is our honor , Thank you we appreciate your support. Nothing makes us happier than to be here..doing this. It’s truly a dream come true. Then I pause for a moment and repeat the same phrase in Spanish….So without further suspense, here is the name I have chosen for our little ones. ( I reach over and unveil the statue/ which I read a loud) It’s going to be named “Casa De Mis Angelitos” (house for my little angels). Jeff and I are so proud to do this, Our hope is to help form the lives of many children and help them feel loved and let them know this is their home. We love you all and Thank You for joining us today!

After the speech the people all gather to greet us and thank us for helping their town and all the children. It’s one of our finest moments, we are ecstatic that our children also get to share this day and hope to inspire them to share what they have and the rewards it brings. This day will forever stay in my memory as one of the greatest days ever!