About me

Angela Marie Larson

2015-04-09 20.34.31

I’m a brown eyed women with a burning desire to live my life to the fullest! Love living life with my husband Jeff.  My children, Jonathan, Marco and Marissa, and the keepers of my heart ! I also have a stepchild, Tristan!   Together makes our family of 6 complete.

Love the work I do, 2 jobs! First is a surrogate Liaison where I get to put people together to create families. Second job with Jeff, Xcellent Choice gives us opportunity to create extra income for our future , our Dharma!

I come from a strong united family. I have been blessed with brothers who also support me and great parents who raised me right. Extended family, sister in-laws,aunts,uncles, cousins, ect.. My best friends come from this circle. When the world let me down, these people picked me up!

Things I love: Music, favorite being Country Music, but enjoy all types of music. Love to refurbish items, photography, poetry, hiking, fishing, camping and just hanging around  with family and friends.

Loving the ride to my new blueprint! MKMMA is helping me see my true self and learning leaps and bounds about my world within.

Peace & Love …Angela ❤